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The Back to Joy Program

Microbiome Rebuilding and Neural Retraining Boot Camp to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

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Near the base of the beautiful Cascade mountain range, tucked into a green valley sits our small town of Eugene, Oregon. In Eugene it is common to find a wide range of healing practitioners and folks open to complementary medicine.  It is the perfect location of our healing clinic where we have helped facilitate and have witnessed time and again clients recovering from seemingly hopeless states of mind and body.


Most of our clients have spent years and thousands of dollars seeking out the help of medical professionals who have focused mostly on symptom management.  Unfortunately the treatment received has been poor and has even done more damage to our clients already fragile mental states. Mainstream as well as alternative medicine practitioners have very little, if any at all, understanding of nutrition and have begun to attempt to solve everything with pills and now vitamins and supplements.  What these practitioners do not seem to understand is that a person with a damaged, “leaky gut” while very much in need of vitamins and minerals may not be able to absorb the hundreds of dollars in medications and supplements being recommended. They do not seem to ask “why” people need vitamins, especially ones that actually form in our guts, like B vitamins, and instead increase doses that can create worse problems for a compromised gut and immune system. Our guts and our immune system (80% which is located in our guts) are compromised from widespread, negligent use of antibiotics, the Standard American Diet and the general toxicity our our environment (polluted water, soil, air, plastics, metals).  When we accumulate toxins and have compromised guts and immune systems the result can be anxiety, panic and depression.


We view anxiety and depression less as a diagnosis and more as a symptom of these underlying issues.  The problem with most modern psychiatric and mental health professionals is that they focus too much on these symptoms and trying to get them to stop,rather than doing a deep and thorough investigation of why the symptom exists. Many times, at the bottom of these symptoms is a person with a poor diet, a compromised gut, a weak immune system and an inflamed brain and nervous system.


There is extensive research that proves that what we eat matters. What we eat directly impacts our nervous system and how we feel mentally and emotionally. We see in our American culture of fast food, packaged food and frequent use of antibiotics an entire society with inflammatory bodies and minds. Millions of people, prescribed psychiatric medication with a root cause of poor physical health. Through our research, training and our combined 28 years of clinical work we designed the Back To Joy program to offer an alternative to addressing the nutritional underlying causes of anxiety and depression.


The Back to Joy program provides the same dietary recommendations, brain retraining and emotional healing that we offer in our clinic.  The one exception is that at our clinic we are able to tailor diets and emotional healing to the needs of our individual clients. If by the end of the six weeks of adhering 100% to our program you are not seeing the improvements that you desire, we recommend a personal consultation.



Mary Ruddick, CNC, CGP  & Ann Tepperman, MSW, LCSW

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