Meet the Team!

  • Matthew Cress

    Dietician and Elite Gymnast

    Matthew Cress is an international Licensed Dietician who is originally from Michigan and currently based in Lyon, France. Matthew has a strong focus on digestive health and uses diet to optimize your individual needs through rebuilding the gut, microbiome, and nervous system. Along with optimizing digestive health, he also works with cancer patients, sports nutrition, very stubborn weight loss, diabetes, eating disorders, allergies, skin conditions, men's health issues, complex nervous system disorders, metal health disorders, and mold toxicity.

    Matthew uses a variety of dietary approaches such as the ketogenic diet, fasting protocols, the gut healing GAPS diet, carnivore, sports nutrition, low histamine, lectin-free, low oxalate, and he compliments each individual diet with supplement recommendations, herbal protocols, lifestyle practices.

    Matthew speaks English and French and takes clients in both languages.

  • Jen Donovan

    LPC, NTP

    Jen Donovan is a Licensed Professional Counselor, certified Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises Provider, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Eugene, Oregon. Jen uses an individualized, holistic approach to help reset and re-regulate the nervous system. By focusing on nervous system health, we view the whole body as an integrated system that can become imbalanced under stress and manifest as mental and physical illness. Jen uses a combination of nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, and emotional release techniques to give your nervous system the tools it needs to rebalance naturally. Jen specializes in issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, emotional instability/Bipolar disorders, obsessive/compulsive disorders and ADD/ADHD, unresolved trauma, histamine intolerance, and autoimmune disease, among others. After overcoming her own severe health issues including Mast Cell Activation Disease, Jen has a passion for helping inspire others to reclaim their wellbeing. Jen uses a variety of therapeutic diets such as low histamine, low oxalate, low lectin, GAPS, ketogenic, metabolic, and carnivore, as well as tools based in polyvagal theory and trauma informed practices. 

  • Mary Ruddick

    Director of Nutrition

    Mary Ruddick is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist currently based in Europe.  She has personally trained professional nutritionists around the globe, including Matt!  She currently has limited availability due to current research projects she is conducting in Africa and the Blue Zones.  To work with Mary, sign-up for a new client intake appointment.  Once you have had your one-on-one appointment with Mary, you can attend her focus sessions. 

    • Co-Founder of Systems that Heal, an online educational program for regulating autoimmunity and chronic disease.

    • Co-Founder of the Back to Joy Project, a GAPS diet inspired online mental health boot camp for regulating anxiety and depression through limbic system retraining and nutritional rebuilding of the nervous system.

    • Creator of wellness programs for Alliance Health Insurance.

    • REIGNS Method founder. 

    • Instructor for Five Seasons Medical in Portola Valley, CA.

    • Director of Nutrition, recipe creator, and educational YouTube vlog creator for Captain Soup.

    • Certified GAPS Diet Practitioner and Instructor.

    • Food historian and world-wide diet researcher.

    • World-Wide Medical Diet Retreat Leader.  Past retreats have been held in Hawaii and throughout Europe and Asia.

    For prospective clients, choose one of the following options below.

    • Purchase one of herQuick Starter Guides found in our store.  There, you will find her treatment protocols for several conditions ranging from infertility, weight loss, autoimmunity, to cancer.

    • Take her 12-week educational course, Heal Yourself Ketogenic Lectin-Free Masterclass aka "Systems that Heal." This course applies to all forms of autoimmunity, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, dysautonomia, and chronic disease.

    • Did you use to be proud of yourself but now you feel like a shadow of your old self?  If so, begin by taking Mary's six-week mental health boot camp.  This program is designed to turn back on your own body's ability to make its own feel-good chemicals.   You can start your journey to better mental health by signing up at the Back to Joy Program.