Let's Work Together!

Mary's private practice is typically booked out by at least a month. If you would like to work with her, the best approach is to sign up for a new client appointment below and then take her 12-week educational course, Systems that Heal, while you wait for your appointment.  Her "Systems that Heal" course applies to all forms of autoimmunity, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, dysautonomia, and chronic disease.  In the course, you will learn about the microbiome, cholesterol, the immune system, the nervous system, lectins and other plant toxins, and you will go over all the topics you would have discussed with Mary in a one-on-one session. This course provides you with the "why" behind the necessary actions.  You will receive an incredible amount of written and video content, including all the practical ways to get started.  This one-of-a-kind course includes a twelve-week meal plan that can be adjusted to weight loss, gain, or maintenance, and has provisions for dairy-free individuals and pescatarians.  To enroll in her Systems that Heal masterclass, click the link. 

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, begin by taking Mary's revolutionary six-week mental health boot camp.  This program is designed to turn back on your own body's ability to make its own feel-good chemicals.  It comes with audio classes, a large booklet, a limbic system retraining roadmap, and a six-week meal plan.  This is a much more simple plan, aiming to avoid client overwhelm.  You can start your journey to better mental health by signing up at the Back to Joy Program.

For targeted "Quick Start" programs on cancer, diabetes, and weight loss, please see her store


Intake appointment (up to 60 min)… $495 total
Follow-up appointment (in 30 minute increments) … $150 total