Let's Work Together!

If you are ready to work with Mary, please schedule a new client appointment with her via the “Make an Appointment” tab below.  The first step is having a one hour intake appointment with her.  This gives you time to ask her questions, and together you can devise a plan for your journey.  After the appointment, Mary will spend an hour or more typing up individual instructions for you.  She will send you lifestyle instructions, recipes, and a meal plan if applicable.  We don’t sell anything here at the clinic, so if any recommendations are made for supplements or products, you will receive a hyperlink.

If you would prefer to do an at-home self-study course with Mary, you can enroll in her ongoing Systems that Heal course. 

Intake appointment (up to 60 min)… $495 total
Follow-up appointment (in 30 minute increments) … $120 total

Support plans are available.  These offer a discount to clients meeting with Mary on a weekly basis for three to six months.

Meal Plans:
Please note that Mary has hundreds of meal plans available.  There is no charge for a meal plan that she has already created.  
Tailored meal plan w/ recipes………….$300/week
Tailored meal plan w/o recipes………..$160/week