Meet the Team!

Matthew Cress, Dietician and Elite Gymnast











Matthew Cress is an international dietitian, nutritionist, and sports coach originally from America and currently based in France.  Concerning sports nutrition and general health, Matthew helps both athletes and non-athletes establish their optimal body composition through both fat loss and muscle gain. He is experienced in both carbohydrate-based and ketogenic-based nutrition for all individuals that have specific metabolic needs. Matthew also teaches endurance athletes how to best prepare and perform for endurance events.  With over 20 years of gymnastics training and his own health struggles, Matthew inspires health from both dietary and lifestyle interventions. He encourages mobility training, meditation, weight training, and laughing every single day. Matthew Cress works with all variations of eating disorders and depression through mental health guidance and dietary intervention. He also specializes in nervous system disorders ranging from epilepsy to bipolar disorder.  Work with Matt to enhance athletic performance and improve difficult health issues. He will teach you how to optimize digestion, rebuild your nervous system, and how to rebalance your microbiome.  He can help optimize your diet with a deep knowledge of oxalates, histamines, salicylates, and specific medical diets from GAPS to Ketogenic. 



Jen Donovan, LPC, NTP


Jen Donovan is a Licensed Professional Counselor, certified Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises Provider, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Eugene, Oregon. Jen uses an individualized, holistic approach to help reset and re-regulate the nervous system. By focusing on nervous system health, we view the whole body as an integrated system that can become imbalanced under stress and manifest as mental and physical illness. Jen uses a combination of nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, and emotional release techniques to give your nervous system the tools it needs to rebalance naturally. Jen specializes in issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, emotional instability/Bipolar disorders, obsessive/compulsive disorders and ADD/ADHD, unresolved trauma, histamine intolerance, and autoimmune disease, among others. After overcoming her own severe health issues including Mast Cell Activation Disease, Jen has a passion for helping inspire others to reclaim their wellbeing. Jen uses a variety of therapeutic diets such as low histamine, low oxalate, low lectin, GAPS, ketogenic, metabolic, and carnivore, as well as tools based in polyvagal theory and trauma informed practices.                                 



Mary Ruddick, Director of Nutrition






Mary Ruddick is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist currently based in Europe.  She has personally trained professional nutritionists around the globe, including Matt!  She currently has limited availability due to current research projects she is conducting in Africa and the Blue Zones.   To work with Mary, sign-up for a new client intake appointment.  Once you have had your one-on-one appointment with Mary, you can attend her focus sessions. 


If you are a current client of Mary's:

Current clients can sign-up for a live weekly focus session with others following your same dietary protocol.  These groups are small, anonymous, and intimate and occur at the same time each week.  There will always be time for your case to be covered.  Classes are 60 minutes in duration.  Each individual can keep their name and face to themselves if preferred.  There is a huge benefit to being in these classes.  You will learn so much from each of the other participants, and you will cheer each other on!  No longer will your healing journey be one of isolation.   As your healing journey progresses and you advance to other diets, Mary will guide you into a new small and anonymous group!  Sign-up below.  A one-month all class pass is $300/family.  A one-time drop-in is $150. 

Sessions offered are as follows (Sessions are for clients who have already had an intake appointment with Mary):

Mondays at 9 am PST -- Keto Lectin-Free Focus Session

Mondays at 10 am PST -- Carnivore Focus Session

Tuesdays at 7 am PST -- Women's Focus Session

Tuesdays at 10 am PST -- GAPS Keto Lectin-Free Focus Session

Wednesdays at 9 am PST -- Antihistamine Focus Session

Wednesdays at 10 am PST -- Soup (aka GAPS Intro) Focus Session

For current clients in the Asian/Australian time zones:

Tuesdays at 10am GMT +2 -- Catch All


For prospective clients, choose one of the following options below.

  • Purchase one of her “Quick Starter Guides” found in our store.  There, you will find her treatment protocols for several conditions ranging from infertility, weight loss, autoimmunity, to cancer.

  • Take her 12-week educational course, Heal Yourself Ketogenic Lectin-Free Masterclass aka "Systems that Heal." This course applies to all forms of autoimmunity, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, dysautonomia, and chronic disease.

  • Did you use to be proud of yourself but now you feel like a shadow of your old self?  If so, begin by taking Mary's six-week mental health boot camp.  This program is designed to turn back on your own body's ability to make its own feel-good chemicals.   You can start your journey to better mental health by signing up at the Back to Joy Program.

Don't want to wait for Mary's next appointment, but want to work with her?  Contact us here and let us know what health issue you are hoping to reverse.  If she gets enough interest for any one condition, she can create a focus session for you!