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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you worked with my condition before?
    We had worked with literally hundreds of conditions and combinations of conditions. It is very likely that we had worked with yours. Please see the Examples of clients and their conditions.
  • I have multiple conditions. Can you still work with me?
    Yes. Most of our's clients come to us with complicated heath issues that occur in multiple systems of the body.
  • I see multiple practitioners. Can you work with them?
    Absolutely. We are always happy to work with a team of health care providers to help you get the best possible care.
  • Do you want to see my lab results?
    Yes. The more information we have about your current and past health history, the better we can help you.
  • I have not had lab testing done. Is it necessary?
    No, it is not necessary.
  • Do you order tests?
    Not typically. If we think that a test would be relevant, we may contact your doctor and discuss the possibility with them, but this is very rare.
  • Do you recommend supplements and lifestyle changes in addition to diet?
    Yes. Lifestyle changes are just as important as dietary changes. It is required that one do both. Supplements may or may not be suggested.
  • Do you work with vegans?
  • I have a specific diet in mind that I would like to try. Will you teach it to me?
    If it is a good match with your health history and goals, then yes! However, it is not guaranteed that a diet will be well suited for you until after we have spent sufficient time going over your history. With healing, the most important priority must be sustenance rather than preferences. Flexibility is required.
  • Do you have package deals for families?
    If a parent is a 3 or 6 month support client of us, we do not charge extra for young children beyond the intake appointment. Depending on the severity of the children’s condition, we may recommend to do one hour follow ups for the first three months so that we have plenty of time to discuss each family member. We do charge separately for adults and any children who are old enough to cook for themselves regularly.
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