"My name is Mark Worthington and I’m a practicing dentist in Eugene, Oregon. I’ve have been interested in Nutrition for 40 years and on a personal note have struggled with being overweight for the past 30 years. There aren’t very many weight loss books out there that I haven’t read or popular diet’s that I haven’t tried. When I started working with Mary in January of this year I weighed 260 lbs. and in two months I lost 30 lbs. I’m continuing  to lose and getting closer to my goal weight but more importantly I feel healthier and more full of life than I’ve felt in decades.  At 65 years old, staying active and healthy is such an important objective for me so I can enjoy a quality time with my family and friends. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for how much Mary has helped me. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition and has more scientifically backed data to back up what she says.  I’ve learned more in 6 months about health and nutrition from Mary than all I have learned in the past 40 years. Her wealth of knowledge on subjects like gut health, lectins, intermittent fasting etc. just  absolutely blows me away . A lot of the information she gives you is very current  yet other information  comes from sources all across the globe in different countries where the research has been going on for centuries. I meet with Mary every week always with a long list of questions and it’s absolutely amazing to me how much knowledge she has stored in that grey matter of hers. I’ve referred several patients to Mary for various health and nutrition issues and the positive feedback has been excellent. I would highly recommend Mary to my family, friends and clients for health and nutritional counseling. She’s one of the absolute best!" -- Mark Worthington in Oregon

"I've been working with Mary for about 2 years now and in that time together we've eradicated my Epstein-Barr virus that was crippling my life and giving me chronic fatigue like symptoms, reversed my anemia and stabilized my hyperglycemia.  This has given me such a better life not just in my health and energy levels, but also in my interpersonal relationships, my ability to run my company and my spirituality. It's amazing how much low levels of energy impact the rest of my life and until I went on the prescribed diet and supplementation protocol I don't think I stood a chance! I'd tried everything - holistic and otherwise, and no one really properly understood the problem so the solutions were all misfires.  I've sent so many of my clients and friends to Mary and everyone who did the work saw results.  I highly recommend her, whatever it is you are struggling with." -- K.S. in California

"Before meeting Mary I had been amenorrheic for about 6 years. I had been to my doctor and she couldn’t identify why. I was a normal weight and wasn’t under any major stress. After one session with Mary where she instructed me to start taking an inexpensive over the counter supplement to address my amenorrhea, my period came back within a month. That was a year ago and Since then I have been regularly menstruating every month without even needing to take that supplement. Mary is so knowledgeable and I really appreciate that she doesn’t require endless blood tests or expensive products as part of her protocol. I highly recommend Mary to anyone with a dietary or medical issue. She is wonderful to work with and gets results." -- D.L in LA

"If you are struggling with a health issue that western medicine has said you will have for life please be open to speaking with Mary Ruddick. She has helped me heal severe gut issues, parasites, food intolerances, restore my energy levels and improve my overall health. I believe so much in her work that I have sent her many of my clients with diseases like diabetes, anxiety, PTSD, thyroid issues, high blood pressure and severe arthritis. She has been able to help each one of them improve their health conditions! I haven't sent her anyone who hasn't come back to me thanking me for the recommendation. Mary's natural approach isn't a band-aid but a way to heal the root cause of your disease. On top of her extensive health knowledge she has a kind and loving demeanor which is exactly what makes her stand out as a practitioner. I can't speak more highly of her. If you have personal questions and would like to speak to someone she works with I would happily answer anything just have her connect us. Enjoy your journey ahead with Mary as I know it will be a good one!" -- C.S. in Virginia

"I have officially lost all of my baby weight. It only took me 23 years!  EVERYONE has asked me for your information.  My body looks like it did in my 20’s. Even better: I feel as good as I look."  -- K.M in Oregon

"Once you start working with Mary you will quickly realize how lucky you are to have found her.  It is rare to come into contact with someone that holds together the whole package:  solid expertise, experience (both personal & professional), compassion, patience, and clarity.  Mary has an exemplary ability to see through you and your symptoms in order to understand what is going on and how to advise.  We all go through many layers of challenges on our way to better health.  There’s no one I would trust more to help me push through resistant blocks and dead-ends.    I consider Mary a true blessing and credit her for unwinding the deepest of my chronic health issues. # The Real Deal

# Just Do What Mary Says" -- C.J. in California

"You helped me do what so many people told me was impossible. You helped not only save my life, but gave me quality of life I never thought possible and I am so thankful for it. I have no anxiety, a calmer mind than I ever thought was possible for me, more physical strength than I’ve ever had in my life, and extremely rare and mild symptoms. Just waking up this morning feeling a lot of gratitude and wanted to share!" -- J.D. in Oregon

"Mary, is a miracle worker.  She brings health and well being into one's life.  When I come with a problem she knows immediately to come up with a solution, rarely it does not work, but then with her knowledge, experiences, care and creativity she arrives at the solution - she is a true healer.

Thank you Mary for your wonderful curing soul!" - A.M. in California

"Before meeting Mary, I was housebound for years with Lyme Disease and mold toxicity.  I had become obese despite eating very little, and I was too sick to do even the simplest of things.  She met me where I was at while also setting strict goals and daily requirements.  The healing was slow, but by the six month mark I no longer tested positive for Lyme and I had lost over eighty pounds.  I wish I had found her years ago!"  -- J.R. in London

"I have been very pleased with Mary‘s help to guide me in weight loss, diabetes control and healing essential tremor. She is extremely knowledgeable and I have benefited from her knowledge." -- Sue S. in Oregon

"Large tumor practically gone. Five smaller ones shrinking. We are getting there. Thank you!!" F.W. in New Hampshire

“Mary introduced me to a weight loss diet a year ago, and between the diet and Mary’s guidance and passion for keeping me committed to my own health, I lost 50 pounds in about eight weeks. After my initial weight loss, Mary continues to guide me on my journey. She has introduced me to the ketogenic diet and has always offered a helping hand and encouraging words and wisdom to keep me going. She has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of foods and how they heal. Not only have I lost an incredible amount of weight, but Mary has also helped me cure a multitude of digestive issues. With her dietary advice, I have not had a cold sore outbreak in over a year! Mary has been pivotal in allowing me to take ownership of my health and diet in the most kind and loving way possible. I would not have these successes without her!” -- Jessica Bass in Oregon

"Mary saved my life!  I was having difficulty working due to an MCAD flare, and she got my right back on track.  I feel better now than I did before I got sick in the first place!"  -- K.M. in Amsterdam

"I have been using your Keto GAPS recipes these last couple months and I must say - BRAVO! They have been a life saver!" – C. D. in Eugene, OR


"I wanted to check in with you, and say Thank you! I have been on such an amazing path since meeting you 2 years ago.  Starting the keto diet changed my life. I feel so much better, my mental clarity is amazing. I would guess it was about a year ago that you had me start the "Back to Joy Protocol." Since then my world has become truly beautiful. I'm learning new things every day. I have fallen in love with myself, to truly love who I'm is the most amazing gift. I want to thank you for helping me start this journey. – A. S. in Eugene, OR


"I never told you this, but because of your help with intermittent fasting and a higher fat diet, my testosterone levels increased by 900 percent!"  -- John. B. in San Francisco, CA


"Mary is amazing and inspiring. I first learned about her as she helped our friends and neighbors avoid ADHD medications for their 5-year-old by changing her diet and pinpointing the foods that were causing issues in her system. She is now 7, symptom free, and has never taken any medication for ADHD. I called Mary 6 months ago wanting to get more energy in my life and address a lifelong skin condition. She guided me on a specific eating program and after a few months, I was feeling better than I have ever felt before: more energy, need less sleep, I don't sweat in my armpits anymore and I have stopped using Anti-antiperspirant, and to boot I lost 35 pounds and feel younger and better than ever! My skin is improving too - that one takes longer but the immediate benefits are more than enough for me to keep going using her advice. She is brilliant, and I am so grateful for her!" --  B.C. in San Francisco, CA


“Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your healing journey. I'm fortunate to have met you...  8 weeks on I have not had an episode (yet).  The added benefit is weight loss ... and back in my pre-pregnancy jeans... and my cycles have dropped from 6 days to 4 with very little to no cramps and pain!  I'm super excited to see what will happen (My numerous visits to the hospital have not resulted in changes for 2 years plus!)” -- Remi in London

"After spending the vast majority of my 21 years alive suffering from chronic health issues, finding Mary was a true blessing. Her vibrant persona and vast knowledge of healthy habits have inspired me and helped me believe that I can heal and live the life I want to live. When it comes to helping you fight off any health related problems you may have, she is the absolute best person to have in your corner."  -- Alexander Lonnquist, Oregon

“Several years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  After multiple doctors visits and several prescription drugs my illness just continued to get worst. In a desperate search to find a way to fight my disease in a healthier manner, I came across to Mary. I have been extremely happy with the way that my health has improved since I started following Mary’s program. Mary is the most reliable and caring health provider I have ever met. I would not hesitate to put my family’s health in Mary’s hands.” -- Paola Vargas in Ohio.

"When I became suddenly very ill while traveling, Mary identified an immune disorder as the cause. She helped me connect my health history to figure out the root of the illness and counseled me over the course of a year+, following two different diets. I am recovering my health and feeling better than ever - none of this would have been possible without Mary's loving, patient and inspiring guidance and support." -- Marcy Elliott in Oregon

"Mary helped me have hope for healing a severe illness when no doctor did. I saw dramatic improvements in my health within a year of working with her. She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and always is available to answer my questions and give a morale boost." -- Jen D. in Oregon

"Mary has opened up such an enjoyable way of life with yummy food that's sooooo good for you and more, and also, she saved my life!"  -- Sandy W. in Oregon

"I am 60 years old and I came to Mary to lose weight so that I would be healthy and ready for an active retirement, but I found that there was a little more to it. What I am coming away with is a healthy body inside and out, my chronic pain is gone, and at this point, I am 80lb lighter. She has educated me about my body in so many ways, one being is why people over eat and eat unhealthily. Her support is kind and real to life. I have learned that there isn’t much that cannot be healed with diet. If you put the work in, she will lead you to healthy mind and body.  With my healed and healthy body, and the tools she has given me, I am confident that I will keep the weight off and stay healthy." -- Patti Eckstine in Oregon

"I have been using your keto GAPS recipes these last couple months and I must say - BRAVO! They have been a life saver!" – C.D. in Washington

"For the first six years of my son’s life, we experienced intense “Jekyl/Hyde” personality swings.  Within the first minutes of the day we could tell if it was going to be a good day or a bad day and 98% of the time it was a bad day.  The tantrums were constant.  The good days were few and far between — maybe we would have a good day every month or two when I would catch glimpses of an angel.  The rest of the time felt like 24/7 damage control.  I have known since he was a baby and vomiting all over me that he had food allergies, and I tried desperately to sort out all of his sensitivities in an attempt to help him feel better, in the hopes that he could finally be comfortable and happy in his body.  But we never quite “arrived” at a solution, due to his constantly shifting sensitivities.  Before we started the GAPS diet we were on a diet free of gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, food coloring, beef, pork, peanuts, and tree nuts.  So we were already used to making all of our own food, never eating out, etc.  Almost nine months ago, with Mary’s guidance, we started our family on the GAPS diet, beginning with a low-histamine version of the Intro Diet.  For the past eight months I’ve witnessed an incredible transformation in my son.  He is literally a different person.  His tantrums are few and far between.  He is kind, empathetic, and thoughtful.  He is playing successfully with his peers.  He takes care of his little sister.  His teacher recently described him to me as “focused” in class, and his reading skills have taken off dramatically.  It is the greatest reward in the world to see him happy, healthy, and thriving.  The diet is a lot of work — that is undeniable and inescapable.  And sometimes I admit I feel sorry for myself and wish our lives could be simpler and more “convenient”.  But the challenge of parenting an unhappy child was emotionally exhausting and completely depleting.  On the other hand, the reward of seeing him happy and thriving is immeasurable.  I live in awe of the transformation we’ve seen him make on the GAPS diet and will be forever grateful that I’ve gotten to know this other version of my child.  The bonus is that he feels great and he knows the food makes a difference in his life and his body, and he has told me repeatedly that he wants to eat this way forever." -- J.L. in Ohio.


"Until I met Mary, I had struggled with obesity, gastrointestinal problems, rashes, and poor immune function for decades.  I truly believed that I had tried everything.  Boy was I wrong!  I didn't know what I didn't know!  With Mary's instructions, I lost 150 pounds, my panic disorder disappeared, all of my gastrointestinal issues went away completely, and I no longer caught colds and flus!"  -- Jan Bent in Oregon.

"Before working with Mary, I had severe, life-long eczema that was all over my body.  In addition, I had chronic kidney disease (the majority of my family members had it too).   Within six months, my eczema and my kidney disease were gone, and they still have not returned to this day." -- Dan Schuster in Colorado.

"God has given Mary incredible insight into the human body and complicated disease processes. He gave her insight into MY broken, complicated body, the one that had confounded so many doctors over the years. Every appointment, she voiced the rock-solid belief that i was going to get well. She encouraged me to rest my mind, body and soul. Mary is a breath of fresh air in so many ways. My work with her was truly a beautiful turning point in my healing journey." -- Melinda Means in Florida

"My doctor recommended seeing Mary to regulate my Diabetes, hypothyroidism, weight gain, and kidney disease.  Within three months of fully following Mary's instructions, I had my lab work run.  All of my numbers were within normal range!  I no longer had kidney disease, hypothyroidism, or diabetes!  And I had lost over thirty pounds to boot!  My doctor took my off all of my medication, and my lab numbers have remained the same!  It is so nice to live without medication and symptoms!" -- Ben Stall in Ohio

"Through nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes, Mary helped me heal and recover from chronic fatigue and other chronic conditions. She taught me so much about my conditions and about the recommended nutritional plans and supplementation, that I now feel capable of deciphering what my body needs to stay stable and well. Mary's own story of healing and recovery from chronic illness continues to inspire me, and I am grateful to work with such a knowledgeable, caring and kind practitioner." -- M.W. in California

"After twenty to thirty years of progressive joint pain, abdominal discomfort and anxiety/depression, it was suggested that I contact Mary Ruddick.  Now, after 30 months of following her recommendations regarding diet and the elimination of certain foods and prescription drugs, I have become undeniably healthier.  Her knowledge and support have been a revelation."  -- S.S. in California

"I had a rare childhood autoimmune disease that caused severe gut pain to where it kept me from sleeping.  Within two weeks of beginning Mary's diet, my gut pain vanished and within two months my doctor took me off of my steroids."  --  Alli Anderson in Massachusetts


“I worked with Mary for 3 months and I feel so changed in such a short amount of time. It was the best money I ever spent and I wish I could pay her 10 times what I did because what she is doing is worth so much. Not only is she helping people enhance the quality of their lives, Mary is also SAVING lives. I did not feel incredibly ill when I started working with Mary. I contacted her because I had a few seemingly minor things that I wanted to improve. I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to stabilize and improve my mood, I wanted to see if I could alleviate some joint pain, and I wanted to work on some digestive issues. I did all of these things, almost effortlessly, in 3 months. I never felt deprived. On top of all of that, people tell me that I am glowing and they ask what I’m doing differently. I had just accepted my depression, achy joints, excess weight and digestive problems as normal for me. I now want to go around preaching to people that you don’t have to live with these things! And you don’t have to heal on your own. Mary will hold your hand and be a gentle yet firm guide. She is so patient and loving. There is no guilt if you mess up. I found myself drifting back to my old ways a few times, and rather than shaming me, she wanted to help explain to me why these cravings felt so intense and she gave me strategies to help avoid slipping up in the future. Her recipes are amazing and the food I’m eating now taste so delicious and nourishing. I highly recommend Mary to anyone. Period. I really believe that everybody could benefit in some way from working with her. She constantly amazes me with her wealth of knowledge and she’s always reading and learning more. I’m so so grateful to have her in my life!!” -- Laura Bratton Jones in Ohio.

"I had tried several medical diets before meeting Mary, yet I was consistently gaining weight and feeling worse.  I hired Mary to help me create a diet despite my twenty food allergies and my SIBO.  She put together a plan for me and within a month I lost 17 pounds!  After following her protocol for a year, my food allergies went down from twenty to one."  -- Devon Gales in Oregon

“Just wanted to let you know that I am doing tremendously well after all your coaching, support and help. I have recovered almost 100% for POTS!!! I have lost a year of my life but I am climbing out the hole, thank god!! I just wanted to thank you again for your time and effort and support you gave to me to lend in my recovery. I’m sure I’ll continue to grow stronger and healthier as the days go on and that is because of you!:-) I never thought even 3 months ago I would be “normal ” again. But I’m back and better than ever! I am now able to plan my wedding and be confident i can actually WALK down the aisle. Bless you for the work you do and for inspiring us all with your story of strength.” -- Molly Wirth in Wisconsin. 

"Despite eliminating many of the typical culprits from my diet, I was still experiencing severe migraines several times a week.  A friend of mine suggested that I contact Mary.  When I began working with her, she put me on a serotonin increasing diet and within two weeks my migraines vanished and have not returned!" -- Danielle Kendricks in Oregon

"Mary has been very helpful to me on my life. She is full  of so many resources and ideas. Working with her has been a delight. I recommend her to many others who need direction in their life in the area of health." -- Pam T. in Ohio