Nutritional Counseling

Getting Started

Before our first appointment, you will fill out a health history questionnaire and begin a food journal.


During the initial appointment, we will go over your health history and discuss past diets and how they helped or hindered your healing. We’ll ask what your favorite and least favorite foods are so that we can offer healthy and healing alternatives that will address your individual cravings.

We’ll go over your food journal so that we can get a realistic view of how often you cook and how we might tweak your current habits. After choosing a nutrition program based on your health history and preferences, we will set up a healing plan just for you.


At the end of our meeting, we will send you an email detailing everything we talked about, and we will include all of our recommendations. If you choose, we will create an individualized meal plan, and you will be able to contact us via email or phone any time.


We will be there for you at all steps along the way. We will guide you through the difficult withdrawal and detox phase giving you tips to mitigate the symptoms and reassurance that these symptoms are a part of the healing process.

We will give you strength and encouragement when you feel like giving up, and we will celebrate with you when you have achieved a greater level of health than even you thought was possible.


In the end, my goal is to teach you how to become empowered and independent of me and your current health care team.



If you would like to learn more about how nutritional counseling can help you reach your health goals, please contact me. There is no cost or obligation.