Why so many diets?

Pop nutrition is not only inaccurate, it also changes daily. Without the proper research and knowledge one could easy become overwhelmed; the super-food of today is often the villain of tomorrow.

I do not have a specific “diet dogma”

I do not advocate one single diet for everyone, and I do not promote any one food as a magic bullet. I build on a diet most appropriate for a client’s health issues and modify as necessary. The resulting diet is holistic and far more likely to facilitate healing.

For example, a person with a neurological condition will be on a different diet than a person with an autoimmune condition. Both of these people will also be on a different diet than a person with a learning disability. A person with cancerous tumors would follow a different diet than a person with a blood cancer.

If you have multiple conditions, I may combine two to three medical diets to best suit your needs.

All of these diets heal, and no one diet is better than the other. While many are good for certain conditions, some are completely counter-productive for others.

I have personally experienced all these diets

In the course of our own healing journeys, we have tried all the diets. As a result, we know their advantages and disadvantages, their ups and downs, and how to transition into and out of them safely and effectively.

Below are brief introductions to a few of the healing diets I often discuss

I use these and others to develop nutrition plans for our clients. There are many other options that will be discussed during a health consultation.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your health issues and diet questions.

Mary Ruddick