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Mary Ruddick



Mary Ruddick is the owner of Enable Your Healing and the Director of Nutrition at Alive Holistic Clinic in Eugene, OR.  She sees clients in Eugene Oregon and throughout the world.

For a full description of her healing journey please visit Twelve Years, Dozen Diseases, and One Sweet Victory .

In 2000 Mary became severely ill with several life-altering diseases. She saw numerous doctors and was diagnosed with more than a dozen conditions, most of which would not respond to medical treatment.

She was restricted to bed for months at a time and often only had enough energy to breathe.

She found medical journals and the library to be a wonderful resource and discovered how the human body, when properly nourished, is highly resilient to most ailments. She spent her days reading, researching, and learning while subjecting herself to many different diets, supplements, and nutrition plans. She began accumulating a lot of experience while finding out how each diet worked.

Mary healed herself when she found the right combination of diets that worked.  Her doctors were shocked with her results and promptly celebrated.

After recovering and realizing she could help others she studied nutrition formally and became a Certified Nutritional Counselor with a unique empathy for other people like her.  Now it is her life-long, driving passion and profession to help others achieve good health.

Mary’s Philosophy

“In its natural state, your body is free of diseases and ailments. It naturally is able to resist most diseases and maintain a state we call “good health”.

Proper nutrition is the foundation for good health, and malnutrition is the primary cause for most ill health ailments.

Her goal is to help you attain a state of good health through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  You are invited to read the Examples to see how Mary’s clients have achieved good health.”

How is Mary different?

  • No “diet dogma” – Different people need different diets
  • She personally experienced all the diets listed in the Diets section
  • She creates a Custom Nutrition Plan for you
  • She works with every client personally
  • She provides important support during your Healing Journey

You will have periodic consultations, often weekly at first then bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your progress.

Contact Mary to talk about your health issues and goals.

Melissa Lucia


Melissa Lucia is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with first class honors. Melissa works with her clients on a physical, mental, emotional and intuitive level to unravel the root cause of disease. She uses food as her deepest medicine, creating custom healing protocols to address imbalances in the body. She is inspired by the philosophy that the entire healing system is found within, and that you hold the power to your healing, while she guides you back to optimal health and radiance. It is her mission to help those who are suffering, and who feel as if they have tried everything and haven’t progressed with their healing. She was you for many years: very lost, and she knows what it is like to be where you are now. Melissa is pursuing certification in the ancient healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan. This modality activates the self- healing powers of the body, allowing you to meet life in a more balanced state.

Contact Melissa to talk about your health issues and goals.

Mimi Kelly



Mimi started her career in health as a massage therapist. After working one on one with clients and building a successful practice, she knew she wanted to make a broader impact on health in communities, so she completed a Masters in Public Health. She went on to participate in health research and educate communities about environmental exposures and its impact on health.
During this time, she had two children and developed a host of health issues after living in a water-damaged building for many years. Five years later, she is on top of these challenges and weaving her way back to perfect health. Through research she has created a toolbox of simple strategies to improve digestive health, particularly in cases of IBS and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth).
Whether you have been newly diagnosed with SIBO, have tried to eradicate it with antibiotic or herbal protocols, or still only suspect you have this condition, she can guide you.  She knows the importance of lifestyle and mind/body modalities to treat digestive imbalance, and she  has a wealth of knowledge regarding safe, effective dietary strategies to quickly improve your digestion.

SIBO or IBS is often a sign of an underlying imbalance.  Improving health involves a commitment to changing thought patterns, addressing lifestyle issues, and feeding the body what it needs to heal. Mimi will work with you to identify possible underlying causes of SIBO/IBS and help you find an easier path to resolve symptoms—without the use of drugs or unnecessary supplements.  Together we will work toward optimizing your digestion and enhancing your well being.

Contact Mimi to talk about your health issues and goals.