Enable Your Healing


If you are unhappy with your health and don’t know what to do, we can help.

We have guided hundreds of people to become healthy at last and free from ailments that have plagued them for years.

We know how the foods you eat affect your body – which ones make you healthy and which ones make you unhealthy.

We develop custom healing plans for you that incorporate your lifestyle, health issues, and goals. It will be based upon solid principles of nutrition.

We will guide you all along your healing journey.

We will celebrate your successes together, and when necessary, we will guide you through any down times. we will modify your Custom Nutrition Plan as you become healthier and the diseases and ailments that plagued you disappear.

Typically, the foundation of a healing journey takes about 3 months

Sometimes more, sometimes less.

We invite you to:

We are easy to work with, understanding, and highly supportive. We will guide you to become healthy and teach you how to maintain your good health independent of us.

When you are ready to talk about your health situation and issues, simply send us an email, and we will call you to discuss them.

We hope to hear from you.

Yours in good health,



Mary Ruddick

Director of Nutrition

Certified Nutritional Counselor


Melissa Lucia

Certified Nutritional Practitioner


Mimi Kelly

MPH, Health Education
SIBO Coach


PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for a “quick fix”, something that takes no effort on your part. We are probably not the right solution for you.

But, if you are willing to invest your time, mind and energy into becoming healthy, please contact us. Your good health is closer than you may think.